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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher and Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding
Mrs. Paula Doyle

Senior Leader for Inclusion and Senior Designated Person for Safeguarding   Mrs. Clare Hibbert       


Phase Leader for EYFS/KS1 and Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding

Mrs. Joanna Green


Phase Leader for KS2 and Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding

Mrs. Sophie Gough                         

Teaching Team

Miss Sarah Chappell and Mrs. Alison Spencer - F1 (Elf Class)
Mrs. Joanna Green - F2 (Gnome Class)

Mr. Jacob Boulton - Y1 (Pixie Class)
Miss Chloe Unwin - Y2 (Unicorn Class)
Miss Gemma Vause and Mrs. Clare Hibbert - Y3 (Phoenix Class)

Mr. Danny Hart - Y4 (Dragon Class)
Mrs. Emma Taylor - Y5 (Griffin Class)
Mrs. Sophie Gough - Y6 (Minotaur Class)
Mr. Mangham - PPA and Management Time cover

Teaching Assistant Team
Miss Amanda Barker

Mrs. Xephni Butler

Mrs. Elizabeth Coxon
Mrs. Donna Dawes

Mrs. Bridgett Foulkes
Mrs. Janette Gillett

Mrs. Lyndsay Hale
Mrs. Trudi Jackson
Miss Jeanette Mills

Miss Kaci Pettet
Mrs. Vikki Smyth

Miss Sharon Westoby

School Office Manager
Mrs. Verity Ellis


School Business  Manager

Mrs. Karen Lester

Cleaner in Charge
Mr. Paul Crich

Mrs. Tonia Westbury

Midday Supervisor Team

Mrs. Katie McGuinness
Mrs. Tonia Westbury
Miss Kerry Robinson
Mrs. Dianne Wolstenholme
Mrs. Judy Wood

Mrs. Trudi Jackson
Mrs. Michaela Pettet
Miss Bethany Halliwell

Miss Kaci Pettet

Miss Sharon Westoby
Miss Rachel Ryalls
Mrs. Allison Young
Mrs. Vicki Rogers

Catering Manager
Miss Louise Roe

Catering Team

Mrs. Jayne Leather

Miss Elaine Gillies
Mrs. Sandra Sievewright

Breakfast Club Leaders
Mrs. Jayne Leather

Miss Louise Roe
Miss Rachel Ryalls


After School Care Provision Leaders

Mrs. Katie McGuinness

Miss Kerry Robinson


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