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Friday 22nd May

Today's Activities 


Good morning Phoenix Class. I have been so proud of you this 'half term' that I felt it was important for you to enjoy a day of fun. You have all worked super hard and you deserve the half term break this next week. I will provide links to lots of fun activities for you to do today. If you would like to access any work, the maths PPT is below. For English, you will be writing a set of instructions for you very own workout.  


As we did our workout yesterday, today's first task is to create your own workout for your family. Please write down five different exercises that are included in your workout. Write them as an instruction text. 


Your second task, if possible, is to go outside (with an adult) and find some stones. You can decorate your stones with pen and paint and go outside and hide them on your daily walk. If you are walking near school, add your stones to the 'Gateford Snake'. Please send me your photos. 


Your third task is to create something tasty for your lunch. Can you help your grown up make something delicious? Show me your delicious meals. 


This afternoon, I would like you to choose something fun to do. I will attach some links underneath for you to do including drawing and dancing. 


Well done on another fantastic term of home learning. You are all superstars. 

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