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Autumn 1




Our first topic is Brazil and is a predominantly geography based topic:



  • Know the names of, and locate, a number of South or North American countries
  • Know key differences between living in the UK and in a country in either North or South America
  • Know what is meant by biomes and what are the features of a specific biome 
  • Label layers of a rainforest and know what deforestation is
  • Know how to use graphs to record features such as temperature or rainfall across the world



  • Know the life cycle of different living things e.g. mammal, amphibian, insect and bird
  • Know the differences between different life cycles
  • Know the process of reproduction in plants
  • Know the process of reproduction in animals


Talk for writing – Is a Non-Chronological report called Fungus the Bogeyman.


Maths - To begin the half term we will be taking a closer look at numbers and place value.  We will then look at using formal written methods for addition and subtraction.  There will be opportunities to put your mathematical skills to work through problem solving activities. One of our maths lessons each week will focus on Times Tables.

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