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It's World Book Day!


Today, we will all be taking part in a Gateford Park whole school challenge.

Every child (either in school or at home) is invited to transform a potato into a book character. 

You can use anything you want to - paint, pens, fabric, paper, reclaimed materials...…….. the only rule is that you must start with a potato. 

The photos below will give you some ideas.

Be creative and have fun smiley

(and please email a photo to us so we can see your wonderful creations)



What else could you do to celebrate World Book Day?

Maybe you could dress up as one of your favourite characters, act out a story, draw or paint a character, play 'book shops', read to your soft toys and of course share some stories with your family. 


Attached below is your official World Book Day book token. This can be printed out and redeemed in store (details are on the token)

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