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Homework and Spellings

Here's the homework that was given out on:


Friday 20th December

Homework- Enjoy a good book and keep up with your times tables. 


Friday 10th January

Spellings- referring, referred, referral, reference, referee, preferring, preferred, preference, transferring, transference.

Homework- Set B, Test 6 of your SATs buster book.


Friday 17th January

Homework- Set C, Test 1 and times table practice

Spellings- siege, niece, grief, chief, fiend, shriek, believe, achieve, convenience, mischievous. 


Friday 24th January

Homework-  Set C, Test 2 and times table practice

Spellings- deceive, conceive, receive, perceive, ceiling, receipt, protein, caffeine, seize, neither. 



Friday 31st January

Homework-  500 words story 

Spellings- commit, committee, transmit, submit, commitment, emit, permit, intermittent, omit, unremitting.


Friday 7th February

Homework-  500 words story. Submit online (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/59TwKqqLp3LTpRVfPlsKtx9/submit-a-story) and send a copy to Miss Lembo (slembo@gateford.notts.sch.uk)

Spellings- interrupt, interfere, intercept, interject, intertwine, interim, internal, intersperse, interloper, interest.


Friday 14th February

Homework-  Set C; test 3 of your SATs buster book. Also, make sure you've submitted your 500 Words entry online and sent it to Miss Lembo. 

Spellings- attached, available, average, competition, conscience, controversy, correspond, embarrass, especially, exaggerate.


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