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Welcome to Gnome Class
Please scroll down for photos of our Gnomes doing their 'home learning'.  We are so very proud of you all.

By clicking on each subject area below you will find suggestions of tasks.  Please also try to choose one thing from each of the areas above every day.  (Username - March20, Password - home.  This is for free access to Tricky Trucks etc on Phonics Play)  Social media is posting a whole host of activities and ideas too. Be led by your child's interests and keep it fun.  We'd love for you to take photos and keep us posted with how things are going by emailing Miss Mills and I on:




It is the final week of the academic year.  It's been a roller coaster of a ride to say the least.  We are very proud of how our amazing Gnomes and their families have coped with 'home learning' and when we look through all the photographs it just proves what a fantastic team we are.  This week's home learning tasks are related to moving into Year 1 and becoming a Pixie.  I know that Mr Boulton is very excited for September and we will be waving through the window to say hello.
Cooking time
Chef time
Well caught
Nice day out
Going for a walk
Climbing trees
Mucking out
Awwwww, cute
Looking after the ducklings
Riding Blue
Feeding the ducks
Doubling cows
Butterflies read for release
Well done

Number formation

Still image for this video
This short video might help if your Gnome is reversing some numbers when writing. I hope it helps.

There were ten in the bed!

Still image for this video
Has anyone else acted out the song with their soft toys?

Challenge time!


Miss Mills and Mrs Blackman challenge all the Gnomes to find 6 items which will spell out the word 'gnomes.'  Mrs Blackman has posted her attempt here to show you how.  When you have found them, ask a grown up to take a photo and email to Mrs Blackman:(dblackman@gateford.notts.sch.uk)

and she will post all the results here.

Here are some photos showing what our Gnomes have been during the week beginning 20th of April 2020.


Half Term Break


Over the next two weeks I hope we have some good weather so we can all enjoy our gardens.  I have uploaded an activity sheet with some ideas which you could try but I have been amazed by just how creative you have all been over the past two weeks.  Please keep in touch via email and the Facebook page (Gnome Class) if you would like to.  Stay safe everyone.


What have our Gnomes been doing over the last two weeks?

Home learning - week beginning 30th March


This week in school we would have been learning about endangered animals.  Your challenge for the week is to find out as much as you can about your favourite endangered animal from the list below:

    rhinoceros    Siberian tiger    polar bear     African elephant   spider monkey

You could draw a picture, make a book about it or record a short video.  Or you could get really creative and make a model of the animal.  Remember to send your photos in.  

There are also suggestions for daily tasks in the stars below.  Remember to be led by your child's interests and keep playing with them.



Some extra ideas I have found - try them out if you fancy them.

A fantastic list of links to websites with thousands of ideas - Thank you to Bertie's mum for sharing.

Car wash - home learning


Maths- how many buckets of water are we going to use to wash one car?
The Arts- singing- “in goes the sponge and out comes the water”

Communication and Language - non-stop chat!
Physical Development - gross motor movements- round and round, up and down

Go on, get those Gnomes washing the cars!

Time capsule - home learning


One of the Gnomes has made a time capsule to hide in the attic until 2030.  That sounds like an amazing idea.  What would you put in yours?

Lego - home learning


Time for some creativity.  Get your lego out and see what you can build.  Send in your photos and let's see who can build the most creative structure.


Teach Your Monster to Read - home learning


We think all the Gnomes should try this reading game.  It's so much fun.


Phonics games - home learning


Try writing digraphs and trigraphs on your patio slabs.  Then call out a sound and get your Gnome to run  and stand on the correct digraph or trigraph.  Can they say a word with that sound in it?  Can they write the word on the slab?


We are Gnome Class and would like you to explore our web page so that you can keep up to date with what we are doing each week.  If you would like to contact us to let us know about any achievements and exciting adventures out of school please email:



Key dates:

Wed 26th Feb – visit from Kilton Pet and Raptor Rescue Centre

Tues 3rd Mar – Yorkshire Wildlife Park visit

Week beginning 9th Mar – Science week (see separate letter for details)

Wed 11th Mar – Wild Sherwood visit

Wed 1st Apr – Final Wild Sherwood visit


Some other helpful information:

Our reading day is Wednesday and we ask that your Gnome brings their planner and any school reading book/s that day so we can change them.

Our PE days are Thursday for parachute games (no PE kit needed) and Friday (PE kit needed).

Please could snack money be sent to school in a small purse or wallet.  Fruit is available every day at afternoon snack time (free of charge).  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address above.

HT4 - Animals Around the World


Week 3

This week was so busy and all of our Gnomes worked so hard.  We had an amazing workshop with Dynamite Dave (scroll down for photos) and we carried out our own scientific investigations.  We have been learning about rainforests so we made rain clouds from shaving foam and watched as the rain fell through.  It was also a Wild Sherwood week and we planted sunflower seeds in pots to take home to grow as well as trying out a blindfold trim trail. We added rainforests to our world map and learned about the different layers and the animals which live there. 


It's science week!

Today Gnome Class were treated to an amazing science workshop run by Dynamite Dave from Sublime Science.  It was incredible.  We 'oooo-ed' and 'ahhhh-ed' and thoroughly enjoyed the experiments which he showed us.


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

What an amazing visit we had to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We say lions, tigers and bears (of the polar kind!).  We also saw lemurs, wallabies and much, much more.

Week 2

This week we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park and shared the book 'Class Two Visit the Zoo.'  In class we made enclosures for zoo animals and built bridges for zoo visitors to cross safely while animals walked below.  We talked about the animals which we saw and gave reasons why we liked them.  We have all been working hard with our writing and using all our phonics knowledge to build words and sentences.

It was also World Book Day this week and Dragon Class very kindly offered to come along and share some story books with Gnome Class.  All the children really enjoyed this experience and we are planning to make this a more regular event.

Week 1

What an exciting first week back.  Our book was 'There's a tiger in the Garden' and we had lots of fun retelling the story in our small world area.  Our role play area is now a jungle with a jeep for exploring and finding lots of wild animals.  We learned all about tigers and found out where in the world they live.  We will add animals to our world map every week as we learn about them.


Kilton Rescue Centre


On Tuesday 26th February we had a very exciting visit from some amazing animals.  We learned lots about each animal and how it survives in the wild.


The following table shows our main areas for learning over the next half term.  This will be added to as we progress through the weeks as the interests of the children will also shape the learning journey we will take.

Understanding the World

  • Looking at maps, where do we and our favourite animals fit in?
  • Looking at similarities and differences in habitats and climates
  • Caring for our world and the things that live in it
  • Past, present and future animals (extinction and endangered species)
  • Using computers to find out about our world

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Singing songs about animals
  • Playing percussion instruments to accompany songs and to imitate animals
  • Undertake a variety of craft activities related to animals which require them to use a wide range of materials and tools


Physical Development

  • Showing confidence and control in large movements in PE
  • Showing confidence and control in small movements when handling tools and equipment
  • Showing control when throwing, patting, pushing, catching and kicking


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Developing our relationship skills of sharing, turn-taking, empathy and sensitivity through all aspects of working together in Gnome class
  • Discussing our own opinions on issues raised in our reading material. 

(Imaginary friends/Sleepovers/Staying with family

  • Developing our confidence as speakers and listeners




  • Practical activities involving addition and subtraction within 10 then moving on to 20
  • Recording our mathematical thinking
  • Number bonds of 5 and 10
  • 2D and 3D shapes to explore the animal world
  • Using everyday language to talk about measures related to animals

Language, Communication and Literacy

  • Extending vocabulary related to animals, habitats and our world
  • Storytelling, sequencing ideas and listening to the ideas of others
  • Further develop reading skills by embedding phase 2 and 3 of phonics scheme
  • Talking about what we have read and demonstrating our understanding through speaking, drawing and writing
During Half Term 3 we planted some broad beans when we were reading Jack and the Beanstalk.  We looked after them in school and then the Gnomes took them home at half term.  Some have been growing.  Here are some photos.  If yours is growing, please take a photo and email to us if you can.
Faith's bean plant - picture 1
Faith's bean plant - picture 2
Mikey's bean plant
Bethany's bean plant
Nearly at the castle - watch out for the giant!
It's growing!
Eleanor's bean plant
Hannah's bean plant
Gracie's bean plant - picture 1
Gracie's bean plant - picture 2
Hannah's bean plant - getting bigger!

What is that?


For this half term we will be investigating all sorts of strange and mythical creatures like dragons, fairies, unicorns and giants.  We will start by learning all about the 'Gnomes' Winter Journey.'  Remember to check our web page each week to find out what we have been getting up to and please email with news of exciting adventures from home.

Week 6

For the final week of this half term we have been sharing Sugarlump and the Unicorn.  Our Gnomes had some amazing ideas of other places Sugarlump could be and gave brilliant reasons.  The children have completed mazes and scissor control tasks related to unicorns.  They have enjoyed decorating unicorns with gems and building castles with the junk modelling materials.  In maths we have been playing 'play your cards right' and some of the Gnomes decided to become the teacher and test their class mates.  We have had a brilliant final week of the half term.


Week 5

This week we read 'Dragon Post' and this inspired us to write letters.  We learned about how to write a letter, what to put on the envelope and where to stick the stamp. We even had our own post box to post our letters.  A dragon arrived in our castle and we had fun making up stories for the dragons in our small world.  We painted dragons with Sheridan and designed dragon eggs with Lauren.  Wonder which magical creature will visit us next week?


Week 4

This week our story has been 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and we have been learning about why fairy stories can be slightly different.  We have had so much fun role playing in our new castle, it has a drawbridge and everything.  We have planted our own 'magic' beans and can't wait to see if they grow like Jack's beanstalk but we really don't want to meet a giant.  We have also been learning about 9 and 10 and how they fit in with the other numbers.  Reading day each Wednesday is working really well and we are all practising our sounds lots at school.  Mrs Blackman and Miss Mills are very proud of our achievements and how quickly we filled up our pompom jar so we had a little tea party on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate.


Week 3

This week our book was a favourite of lots of the Gnomes.  We have been reading The Gruffalo.  There was lots of discussion between the children as they used the stick puppets to retell the story.  Everybody made some Gruffalo crumble which was delicious, I have been told.  Making a playdough Gruffalo was great fun.  Have a look at our photos to see what they looked like.


Week 2

This week we shared the book 'Freddie and the Fairy' which was really funny.  Freddie kept mumbling his wishes and the fairy kept on getting things wrong.  The book made us think about speaking out clearly and using our good manners.  There were lots of fairy inspired tasks in class this week.  We could untangle the fairies on our finger gym, make up stories for the fairies in our small world and make fairy soup.  We have been thinking about different fairy stories, fictional characters and the structure of stories.  It has been a busy week.


Week 1

This week we have been reading the 'Gnomes' Winter Journey' and this has led us to think about maps and routes.  The gnomes had a feast with their cousins and we have been having feasts in our role play cafe.  Our writing task this week has been to describe a fairy tale character and we are very proud of our achievements so far.  Check back again next week to see some examples of our writing.


Seasons Come, Seasons Go!

Week 7


This week has been all about the Nativity.  Thank you to everyone who squeezed into the hall to watch our Gnomes and Elves.  They were amazing.  Miss Mills and I are very proud of each and every one of them.  Our book this week was 'The Snowflake Mistake' and we learned about how each flake is unique.  Just like us.  What a fantastic end to the first full term as Gnomes.  Can't wait to see everybody in 2020.


Week 6

This week our book was called Here Comes Jack Frost.  In class there were lots of different tasks related to frost, snow and ice.  We talked about how we know that winter has arrived and the changes we could see around us.  In the absence of real ice, we used polystyrene to make an ice berg for our Polar animals to live on.  We also found out why polar bears don't eat penguins.  Do you know why?


Week 5

As the weather has turned colder we have started to think about Winter and what happens to animals and plants during this season.  We shared the book 'One Snowy Night' where Percy the park-keeper ends up sharing his bed with his animal friends from the park.  We visited Sherwood Forest for our third Wild Sherwood session and the focus was on team work.  We worked together to build shelters large enough for us to get inside.  Simon was our Forest School leader this time and he tested our knowledge of trees and animals.  He was very impressed and Mrs Blackman was very proud of us.  Have a look at what we have been getting up to this week.


Week 4

This week we learned all about spiders and owls.  That was because in our book called 'Tree, Seasons Come, Seasons Go' both a spider and an owl lived in the tree.  We voted to see who liked spiders and 21 out of 30 people liked them.  We learned lots of interesting facts about both spiders and owls.  Did you know that not all spiders spin webs?  Did you also know that there are five different types of owl which live in the UK?


Week 3

'The Very Helpful Hedgehog' was our class book of the week.  We heard how Isaac the hedgehog was a bit of a loner and didn't really like to talk to anyone.  But one day all that changed.  We discussed how we help other people and who helps us.  We also learned about nocturnal animals and what animals do in the winter.  We learned which animals hibernate or migrate and which just manage to survive. Our 'small world' had lots of natural materials which we could use to make animal habitats.


Week 2

This week we really enjoyed joining in with our book, 'We're Going on a Leaf Hunt' and even made up our own part to add to the story.  We have learned all about trees, how they grow and why they are important to us.  In class we had our very own 'tree' which we could decorate with beads, ribbons and pegs.  It looked really beautiful and made us work hard at our fine motor skills.  We have also enjoyed learning outdoors, which we still did even when the rain was pouring.  Check out our photos to see what we have been getting up to.


Week 1

This week our book was The Weather Girls and we have been learning all about the seasons and weather.  We have been exploring lots of Autumn items which you kindly gathered for us on your adventures.  We have made pictures, used them for counting and all sorts of other exciting things.  It was also our second session of Wild Sherwood.  What a brilliant time we had in the forest, we were so lucky with the weather.  Take a look at our photos to see what we have been getting up to this week.


Half Term 2

This half term we will be looking closely at the 4 seasons and how they change throughout the course of a year.  We will investigate trees, woodland animals and our ever changing weather.  Keep checking our class page for weekly updates on what we have been getting up to and remember to email any exciting things you have been doing at home too.


Week 7

For the final week of this half term we have been reading 'The Enormous Turnip' and have investigated a range of fruit and vegetables.  We looked at how different the fruit and vegetables were on the inside to the outside and used them for printing.  We have been investigating the number 5 and how it can be made using other numbers and showing this using a part/part/whole model.  Check out our photographs.

Week 6

This week's book was 'Commotion in the Ocean' and we imagined that we had been diving to the bottom of the sea in a submarine.  We looked out of the porthole to see what we could spot.  We saw dolphins, octopuses, jellyfish and much more.  We found out that 'facts' are real things and that sea creatures have some pretty amazing facts.  Did you know that an octopus has three hearts?


Week 5

This week we read 'Grandma Bird' together.  We thought about what Grandma and Noi might be thinking at different parts of the story and also how we could describe where things were in the illustrations.  We used language such as above, below, next to, on top of, under and in.  The children spotted that the birds were different sizes so we looked at ordering animals by their size and introduced the vocabulary of size.  It was also our first trip to Sherwood Forest this week.  Here are some photos of our week 5 adventures.

Week 4

Our book this week was 'The Storm Whale' by Benji Davies.  We heard all about the whale being washed up onto the beach and then Noi taking it home and putting it in his bath.  This inspired us to learn about animal habitats and what they need to survive.  Our role play is now a fishing boat with a magnetic fishing game so we explored magnets and made boats to test if they could float.  We have also been sequencing and ordering numbers and making paper plate whales.

Week 3

This week we shared the book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and learned all about lighthouses.  We followed instructions to make sandwiches and then had a picnic to enjoy them.  We focussed on the number 3 as that was how many scavenging seagulls stole Mr Grinling's lunch each day.  Here are some photos of our learning from this week.    

Week 2

This week our focus book has been The Rainbow Fish.  Our Gnomes have been counting shiny scales on the Rainbow Fish and sequencing the story.  They have also been 'catching' fish with nets, building boats and completing lots of other fishy themed tasks.  Here are some photos.

Week 1

During week 1 our new Gnomes explored our learning areas and had lots of fun.  Here are a few photos of what they were getting up to.

Our first topic is 'Beside the Sea' and there are lots of fun activities lined up for all our new gnomes to enjoy.

If you haven't sent in a holiday picture yet, please email to me (dblackman@gateford.notts.sch.uk) as soon as possible.  I love seeing where you have all been. 


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