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Welcome back to another exciting topic in Year Six! We have the magical topic of Disney to lead us positively through the next seven weeks to Christmas and we can't wait to get started! We'll have a different Disney film theme for each week so we will be covering a real variety of topic areas, as outlined below.


In Maths this half-term, we will be continuing to focus heavily on arithmetic. Last half term we explored place value, operations (including BODMAS), negative numbers and fractions. Whilst recapping these areas this half term, we shall also be learning about decimals and percentages. 


Our English work will begin with a week's poetry study of the thought-provoking poem 'The Moment' by Margaret Atwood. Following on from this, we will study rags to riches tales - with a sprinkle of wishful magic- before writing our own.  We'll be focusing on effective character descriptions, sentence types and sentences openers to engage our readers. To conclude our English for this topic, we'll study and write letters (both formal and informal) whilst considering subordinating conjunctions, contracted forms and vocabulary choices. During weeks 1-4, our guided reading and end-of-day read  will be the classic 'Goodnight Mister Tom' which we know the children will adore.  As well as being a wonderful story, this text is a great example of the use of regional dialect. Throughout weeks 5-7, we will be reading 'Mary Poppins' and looking specifically at formal and informal writing styles and speech.


In other areas this half term...

Science- Living things and their habitats.


We'll use Disney animals to study classification, identifying similarities and differences in characteristics to categorise them, and explore their habitats.

PE- Football (Thursdays) and dance (Tuesdays).


Please ensure a warm kit is in school all week. Earrings must be taken out and long hair tied up. Year 6: this is your responsibility, not your adults'!


We will also be taking part in the Daily Mile each morning. Children will be encouraged to change into their trainers from their PE kit.


Computing- Staying Safe Online.


By looking at different scenarios and issues, pupils will be expanding their knowledge of the dangers of the internet and how to keep themselves safe whilst online.



Music- Performance


We couldn't have a Disney topic without learning some of the best-loved songs and performing them (outdoors of course!).


Art- Fabric design and artists studies.


We shall be studying the works of Seurat, William Morris and Orla Keely, creating pointillist pieces and designing our own prints for a new Mary Poppins carpet bag.

RE-  The Christmas Story


Pupils will be recalling key events of The Christmas Story, thinking about interpretations, and investigating similarities and differences between versions of the nativity.


History- The British Empire


We will be learning about what an empire is, how Britain developed its empire and the effects of colonisation.


Geography- Deserts and rivers.


We'll be naming and locating some of the world's deserts and rivers, using Google Earth and atlases to locate and explore them.

DT- Fairground rides


Pupils will learn about electrical circuits whilst using woodwork tools correctly and safely.


In true Mary Poppins style, we'll be making bird feeders for our feathered friends. Please save any individual yoghurt pots and send them in between 30th November and 4th December :)


We'll also be making up some bulb lasagnes to enjoy in the spring!


As part of Sex and Relationship Education, pupils will be learning about conception and the changes they will go through as they grow up. A consent form will be sent out in the coming weeks.

We shall also be studying how to safely make friends online and  be looking at the concept of stealing.


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