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Half Term Five

 🦒🦏It's Time for Africa🦛🦁 


This half term, we are going to the beautiful continent of Africa. Out topic ‘It’s Time for Africa’ will see us explore many corners of the wonderful continent.  We will be learning all about the countries, the people and the many different elements that make Africa so fantastic. We will learn about inspirational African people, explore the geography and varied landscapes and compare life in the UK to life in Africa. This will be an amazing topic to allow children to learn about different cultures.



This half term, we are moving on to a new area of maths. We will be focusing our attention on statistics, including graphs, models and tables. As always, there will be a weekly times table test on a Friday. On a daily basis, we work hard on these during lesson time. The children will be tested on their 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s and 8s on a weekly basis. We will also begin looking at our 11s and 6s.



This half term, our class story is ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’. We will be analysing the story in great depth and developing our reading comprehension skills. Our writing aims this half term will progress towards writing an adventure tale. We will analyse key features of an adventure tale, explore SPaG key areas and work collaboratively to write a whole class adventure tale.  


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