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Half term 3

Key dates

January February

6th – INSET day

7th – First day back

16th – McGateford day

28th – Mobile library

7th – Deepover

13th – Valentine’s Disco

14th - Last day of half term



Our topic this half term is Asia. However we are mainly focusing on India, China and Japan. We are learning all about different cultures and traditions, landmarks, food, celebrations etc. and comparing to our own.


Children have finished number and place value now, and we’re working hard on measurements, mass, temperature and pictograms this half term.

Please continue to encourage children to play on “Top Marks” there are lots of useful games on there to help improve fluency of numbers – plus it’s fun for the children and may keep them quiet for 10 minutes! :D



This half term we’re working on poetry, riddles, alliteration, compound words, describing objects and comparing to others (similies).


Spelling tests will no longer continue. This half term we have started a daily SPaG (spelling punctuation and grammar) test, which all the children love doing. In the tests, it covers year 2 spellings so as not to overwork the children, the weekly spelling test will not be taking place. Thank you for your support with the spelling homework last term.




You may notice that your child isn’t moving up the book band levels as quickly as last year. This is because there are fewer levels in year 2 and the jumps are bigger between each level. Last year to be national level, most of the children needed to move up around 5-6 times, this year it is only 3.


Please don’t worry if it seems like they haven’t “moved up” in a while. They are all working really hard and are practising their comprehension skills.


The Deepover is taking place on the 7th February. If you have any worries, concerns or questions please message me on ClassDojo or see me after school.

Please ensure the deepover paperwork is returned (if you haven’t already).


General Reminders

  • PE is on Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons (weather permitting). Children will need their indoor and outdoor PE kit in school at all times.
  • Please ensure that girl’s hair is tied up on Wednesdays and Fridays and that earrings are not worn.


If you have any queries, concerns or questions, please come and see me, either briefly before school starts or come and see me after school, my door is always open.

Miss Sutton and Mrs. Lester J

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