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Today in English, we are going to focus on varying our sentence openers to make our writing more interesting. The first thing I would like you to do is read the paragraph on sheet 1. What is wrong with it? How could it be improved? We aren’t together in the classroom but if we were, I think that you would be saying “lots of sentences begin with ‘I’ and “the sentence starters are boring”! And you would be right!  
So today I we are going to be focusing on using a wider range of sentences openers/starters.  Look at sheet 2, it uses a mnemonic to help remember the different ways you can start a sentence, known as DADWAVERS.  

When you have read the examples, I would like you to choose 4 of them to write your own sentences using.  

You could use the animation ‘Ride of Passage’ for inspiration, or you could improve some of the sentences from sheet one. When you have completed the activity, please take a photo for your portfolio.  

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