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Minotaur Class

Miss Lembo, Mrs Dawes and the Year Six pupils

Welcome back! We hope you had a magical Christmas break and are looking forward to another exciting half term in Minotaur Class. 


HT3- Arts Through the Ages


A topic to take you on a journey from ancient times to modern day!




Fiction- Suspense

Non-fiction- Poetry

Guided reading- Holes






Area, perimeter, volume

Science- Light


How light travels

How we see

Shadow investigation

Optical instruments


PE- day change!!!

Dance (indoors on Tuesdays).

Gymnastics (indoors on Fridays).

Please ensure the correct kit is in school on these days. Earrings must be taken out and long hair tied up.

Year 6: this is your responsibility, not your adults'!



Film making



Industry and Trade



Sketchbooks, reviewing and editing own work

Artist studies and working in their styles






Music through the ages

Ancient, medieval, classical, modern



Spring jobs



The Industrial Revolution

Themes throughout history






Spellings are tested and given out each Friday. These are the spellings which can be found in pupils' home school diaries and on the class page. Pupils will be given a list of words (which all have a similar spelling pattern or rule) each Friday which they will stick in their diaries.


Homework across school this year is heavily focused on three vital areas: reading, spelling and times table knowledge. We have purchased a reading 'SATs buster' book, which is compiled of ten-minute tests, for all Y6 pupils due to the positive feedback from pupils and parents over the past two years. Tests within the book will be set on specific weeks and a reminder of the homework can be found at the bottom of the class page. As the pupils are aware, we expect all Y6 children to be reading for pleasure on a daily basis. We advise that this is a mix of reading to an adult, to another family member or to themselves. Mrs Dawes checks planners every Friday to see who has managed to get their 7 reads recorded in their home school diary. The pupils who achieve this will be awarded 7 points on Class Dojo for that week.


Key dates this term


  • Tuesday 21st January- Year 6 at music workshop at Worksop College, 9am-4:45pm
  • Thursday 23rd January- Selected pupils at dodgeball festival, 10-12.
  • Friday 14th February- Topic showcase in the school hall at 2pm

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