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Astronomers visit

We were really lucky to have a visit from one of the Bassetlaw Astronomers today. Peter came to talk to us about the celestial event that happened today. Mercury passed before the Sun, the next time this will happen will be 2032! 

Peter showed us lots of interesting facts and figures about the event.

At lunchtime he set up his telescope in the hope we could catch a glimpse of it. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy. Instead he talked to us about space travel and rockets. He said, and I quote " I go in to lots of schools and this is the best class I have ever been in", go Griffins :)


The children asked lots of interesting questions, some of which I have displayed below:


"Are sunspots craters? - Chloe G

"What was the worse space disaster? - Mollie

"How long have you been interested in space? - Olivia

Which planet has the least amount of gravity? - Mollie

Which is your favourite planet and why? - Isla S

Did the moon landing really happen? - Mrs Doyle


Watch the event using the link below:






Work completed by the children

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