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The maths today is capacity - mainly converting litres/part litres to millilitres.

Remember there are 1000ml= 1 l ,  so 2 litre=2000ml, so half a litre (0.5) = 500ml

Every 0.1 litre =100ml  so   0.2 litre=200ml,    0.3 litre=300ml  etc

For example:  2 litre 30ml=  2000 + 30=  2030ml

1.25 litres =1000 + 250= 1250ml   Take your time and check to see if your answers are reasonable.


Please use the list of similes to create sentences comparing things.

 Note: most of these have a common version e.g. His throat was as dry as a bone.

 Try writing the common version (you could ask someone if you don’t know!)

Then try to create some of your own:

e.g. After washing her hands so many times, the girl’s hands were like sandpaper!

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