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Today’s challenge is a 2 day writing challenge that you will complete over today and tomorrow. You will be retelling the story of ‘Ride of Passage’ as it if was written by Toki, in his own words. Re watch the clip here http://rideofpassagefilm.blogspot.com 

And use the resource sheet from here to make notes as you watch that will help you to retell the story over today and tomorrow.  

When you write the story, try to focus incorporate the 2 main focuses of the last 2 weeks; describing using the 5 senses and using DADWAVERS to use a variety of sentence openers. 

As you write, regularly check back through your work, reading it aloud to make sure it makes sense and making improvements where they are needed.   

If you would like to, you could use my starter.  

“Eagerly I began my journey deep into the dark jungle, pushing aside the heavy undergrowth and trying to focus my eyes on what lay ahead... 

You don’t need to post your work onto your portfolio until it is finished tomorrow, I can’t wait to read it!  

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