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Welcome to Phoenix Class!

HT5 - Urban Pioneers


Look around, see the colour and creativity in our local area and nearby cities. This half term we are looking at art that we may not think is art. Graffiti, architecture, perspective photography and shadows.





This half term we look forward to our y3 residential and start looking at the world of predators. During the topic we will look into why animals need to eat other animals to survive, food chains, carnivorous plants, key physical aspects of a predator, habitats and much more. By the end of the topic we will have designed, by combining the most dangerous aspects of real life predators, a super-predator that will leave you speechless! 

Gods and Mortals



Gods and Mortals


This half term we are becoming historians looking at Ancient Greece. Looking at what they believed in, everyday life, the Greek alphabet, myths and legends and important people of the era.


This half term we are looking at all things yummy in Scrumdiddlyumptious! We will be looking at where our favourite food comes from and the journey it takes for us to buy it along with how different foods are made as well as whipping up some delicious food of our own.


Remember to check the class page to make sure you have the correct spellings at home for the week along with updates for our topic.


Welcome back and welcome to Phoenix Class! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are as excited for our first half term together as I am!


PE- Our PE days this half term are Mondays (with Mr Boulton) and Thursdays (with Mr Roberts) Pupils should not wear earrings on PE days and long hair must be tied up.


Our first topic this year is...


Splish! Splash! Splosh!

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