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Home Learning Daily Activities

These are things to practise every day which will help your child develop early learning skills:

  • Getting themselves dressed and undressed at the start and end of the day
  • Putting on and fastening own coat and shoes
  • Physical exercise, preferably outdoors, e.g. a trip to the park, bike/scooter ride or run around the garden
  • Doing jigsaws and other puzzles/simple games
  • Practising scissor skills, making snips in paper and cutting up magazines and old greetings cards
  • Drawing / painting / craft activities
  • Writing own name using the correct pencil grip and name card to ensure correct formation
  • Practise letter and number formation using cards provided
  • Singing and rhyming, rhyming story books e.g. Julia Donaldson, are good for identifying rhyming words
  • Counting - sing counting songs, count sets of objects / actions, play board games
  • 'Dough Disco' - Use your small pot of playdough and some lively music. Can you make a ball, pancake, sausage. Use all of your fingers. This will help to build finger strength, ready for writing. (Google 'Dough Disco' if you're not sure what to do!)

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