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Geography – Brazil !

Over this half term, as homework linked to our topic, I would like you to complete a study on Brazil this you will present to the class at the end of this half term, in our Geography lessons.

You may want to present your country in a variety of ways, including; video, PowerPoint, drama, dance and music – Consider the following to help you with your presentation :-

  • Create a travel plan of how your would get to Rio De Janerio from your house ! Detail how much it may cost and how long it would take!

  • Create a PowerPoint or a booklet about an aspect of the Human or Physical Geography of Brazil of your choice

  • Sew, print or design something to represent Brazil (e.g. t-shirt, jewellery )

  • Create a collage of pictures or photos from Brazil to show and talk through to the class 

  • Build your own junk model of an aspect of Brazil to present to the class(e.g. The Amazon rainforest)

  • Plan, learn and perform a song and/ or dance  about Brazil to the class

  • With the help of adults make a video on a man made geographical feature of Brazil

  • Draw and present a picture or piece of Art on Brazil  

  • Make a short film of you working on your Brazilian Project as a video diary

  • Could you interview someone who lives in Brazil or someone you know that has been there ? (e.g. family friend or relative)

  • Write a poem or newspaper report using Brazil as the theme.

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