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Today we are going to be using Pobble 365 for our English work. Each day of the year there is a different photograph on here to inspire ideas for writing. There are loads of ideas of things that you could do, but you mustn’t do all of them! Perhaps you could choose 2 to focus on and do really well! There is a section called ‘Question time!’ with questions linked to the picture; ‘Perfect picture’ when there is a drawing challenge linked to the picture; ‘Sentence challenge’ where there is a challenge to include in your writing; ‘sick sentences!’ where there is a sentence that needs some improving and a story starter, with a paragraph to use as a starter for your own writing. As I said, the idea isn’t that you do all of this work, it is about choosing the sections that appeal to you, try to do 2.  The website is here: https://www.pobble365.com and is quite self explanatory. We will be using Pobble each Friday now so you will be able to try a range of the activities over the next few weeks I hope.  

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