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Phonics and reading

We are currently working on Level 4 of Twinkl Phonics. There are no new sounds during this phase of our learning, the focus is on revising Level 2 and 3 sounds and using these sounds to read and write ‘adjacent consonants’

Adjacent consonants are two or more consonants that appear next to one another within a word. For example, with the word ‘stop’. The 's' and 't' are adjacent consonants because they appear next to each other. It can be harder for children to identify the individual sounds when two consonants appear next to each other in a word so Level 4 focuses on children developing those skills to successful read and write words with adjacent consonants. 

Adjacent consonants can appear at the beginning of words e.g. 'g-r-a-b', at the end of a word e.g. 'b-e-n-d' or at both ends of a word e.g. 'p-r-i-n-t'. 

There are also 14 new tricky words to learn to read on sight. We introduce some of these words each week and think about what makes them tricky/hard to decode. The words are; said, have, like, so, do, some, come were, there, little, one, when, out and what.


Please see Class dojo for details of how to access additional phonics resources for our class. 

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