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24th - First day back

25th - Mobile Library

5th – World Book Day
9th-13th – Science Week
10th – Parent’s Evening 1
11th – Parent’s Evening 2
24th – Mobile Library

3rd – Last day of Spring term
20th – First day back
21st – Mobile library

Welcome back! I can’t believe we’re over half way through the year. We had lots of fun last half term, from using chop sticks for eating sweets to holding some weird and wonderful animals!



Our topic this half term is Landmarks, Buildings and Structures. We are focusing on the UK, its four countries and their capital cities but will be looking at other capital cities too. We’re learning about the other continents of the world and its five oceans. (Apologies in advance for any annoying, repetitive songs they may start singing at home!)

We’re also learning about what makes buildings strong and what materials are best to build them.



This half term, we’re still working hard on measurements and word problems.

Please continue to encourage children to play on “Top Marks” there are lots of useful games on there to help improve fluency of numbers – plus it’s fun for the children and may keep them quiet for 10 minutes! :D

Children in year 2 need to know the 2x tables, 5x tables and 10x tables.



This half term we’re working on a story and writing instructions. We’re focusing on possessive apostrophes (eg. The child’s bike); words ending with the suffixes –ly, -less and –ful; time conjunctions; imperative verbs (bossy verbs).

We are learning actions to “The Queen’s Hat” and will innovate the story by changing the characters and settings and writing our own at the end of the unit our “Hot Write”. We will also be following the same format but for an instructions text on “How to tame a unicorn”.



In the last week of the half-term we had some special visitors come to unicorn class – some with eight legs! The children were very brave and listened to our speaker Eleanor about the animals she had brought in. The children were able to handle the animals if they wanted to! We had a tarantula, two rats, a millipede, a corn snake, and an African land snail. We learned about which of the animals were predators, prey and what they liked to eat.

I have around 300 photos so it is taking some time to sort through but I will send these out on ClassDojo soon! I will also put a selection on our class page.

We were lucky to have the visit part-funded by the PTFA and the remaining balance was paid for using our class budget, which is money fund-raised from the snowmen jars and summer sizzler – so thank you to everyone who has supported this as it gave the children an unforgettable experience.


General Reminders

  • PE is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Children will need their indoor PE kit in school at all times.
  • Please ensure that girl’s hair is tied up on Tuesdays and Fridays and that earrings are notl. worn.


If you have any queries, concerns or questions, please come and see me, either briefly before school starts or come and see me after school, my door is always open.

Miss Sutton and Mrs. Lester

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