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Welcome to Phoenix Class!

Carol Concert


HT1 - ¡ Hola España !


This half term we are looking at the amazing country of Spain!


In this Geography based topic we will learn about:

Spanish landscapes

Fiestas and traditions

Spanish food

Art and culture



Famous People e.g. Pablo Picasso


HT 2 Scrumdiddlyumptious

During this half term we will be looking at everything food! 


Where does it come from?

How does it grow?

How does it get from field to plate?

What food grows in the UK?

What is a balanced diet?

and much more.

HT 3 Gods and Mortals

During this half term we explore Ancient Greece. We will look at famous people from the Greek world and how they shaped the world we live in today. Search the ancient ruins of structures that still stand today. Live the myths and legends while facing incredible mythical creatures.


Throughout this half term we will be taking an adventure looking at many different types of animals and plants that we may not even know exist. Just where do bears live? Do sharks have the wrong reputation? What does an owl eat? Do some plants eat animals? We will find out the answers this half term and maybe we will have some special visitors...

Urban Pioneers!

This half term we dive into the heart of local towns and cities looking at the history of Worksop and Sheffield in particular. How did they become what they are today? Just how are buildings built? Is graffiti a bad form of art? Together we will discover new things that are right on our doorsteps.
HT6 - Vikings!

In our final half term in Phoenix class we will explore the world of Vikings. Are these settlers as mean and fearsome as people say or were they not so tough after all? How far did they travel? Are there any connections between them and our world today? How did they travel so far? Who where the most feared? The Vikings or The Greeks?

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