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Homework HT1

DARE - until the end of the term in December Minotaur class will be completing the DARE programme.  There will be a piece of related homework to complete each week in the DARE booklet.  Mrs Blackman will not set any additional English homework but there will still be mathematics homework, reading, spelling and tables to do.

Reading - please read at least three times per week at home and ask an adult to sign your planner.

Spelling - you will have 10 words to learn each week, spelling test day will be Tuesday.

Tables - you will need to learn your tables for a test each Friday.

English - you will have one piece of English homework each week which will help you to revise skills which we have learned.

Maths - you will also have one piece of maths homework to reinforce the units we cover.

All English and maths homework will be posted on this page so you can print off a copy if you forget or lose it.

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