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Hello and welcome to Pixie Class and welcome to our class page.

HT 4 - Fantasia

In half term 4 we are flying away with all things fantasy. We will meet fairies, dragons, pixies, unicorns and many more magical creatures on our journey with pirates, superheroes and princesses.

HT 3 - Brazil!


During this half term we will be looking at Brazil! Seeing the similarities and differences between Brazil and the UK. We will explore the Amazon rainforest and uncover the exotic wildlife the call the rainforest their home. We will look at major cities in Brazil and how they compare to UK cities, national holidays, food, music and celebrations.

HT 2

This half term we will be looking into why we have fireworks on Bonfire Night looking into The Gunpowder Plot. We will become keen historians looking into the differences between life in 1605 and todays world, why the plotters plotted against King James I, who was Guy Fawkes and many more.

HT 1 - Dinosaur Planet!


This half term our topic is Dinosaurs! ROAR! We will be palaeontologists and dig for fossils, explore dinosaur skeletons, teeth and bones to discover how they may have looked and lived. We will visit a nature reserve to look more closely at reptiles and other creatures related to dinosaurs. We will be studying the great fossil hunter, Mary Anning, writing fact files and creating wonderful dinosaur art.

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