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HT3 The Great Fire of London

During Half term 3 we will be looking at the events of the Great Fire of London in 1666. We will be looking at important people during the event such as Samuel Pepys and Thomas Farriner as well as what happened during the fire and how the people of London tried to keep safe and stop the fire spreading. We will also be looking at how different it was to live in 1666 to what it is today.

HT 2 Space


During HT 2 we will be looking at mysterious and wonderous space. We will be looking into important events that are linked with space like the space race, first person on the moon, the important role that women took in NASA as well as finding out all sorts of facts about different planets. We will also be answering questions like, why do we have night and day? Does the earth move? What is the sun? Plus many more!

HT1 - Rio!

During our first half term we will be looking at Brazil! We will explore the differences between the UK and Brazil including culture, music, cities, parties, food and many more!

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