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Homework and Spellings

Homework given out on:


Friday 21st May: 

1. Spellings- week 6 (possible, horribly, terribly, visibly, incredibly, sensibly, forcibly, legibly, responsibly, reversibly). Test on Friday 11th June. 


Friday 11th June: 

1. Spellings- week 1 (bellowed, screeched, squealed, shrieked, sighed, muttered, breathed, murmured, whispered, squawked). Test on Friday 18th June. 

2. The Big Bee Challenge (returns completed entries to Miss Lembo). 


Friday 18th June: 

1. Spellings- week 2 (immense, vast, gigantic, gargantuan, mammoth, miniature, miniscule, insignificant, microscopic, petite). Test on Friday 25th June. 


Friday 25th June: 

1. Spellings- week 3 (ecstatic, jovial, exultant, elated, delighted, despondent, forlorn, dejected, woeful, dismal). Test on Friday 2nd July. 


Friday 2nd July: 

1. Spellings- week 4 (deafening, piercing, blaring, ear-piercing, raucous, silent, tranquil, inaudible, unobtrusive, peaceful). Test on Friday 9th July. 


Friday 9th July: 

1. Spellings- week 5 (scorching, searing, sizzling, blistering, sweltering, chilly, frozen, arctic, bitter, wintry). Test on Friday 16th July.


Friday 16th July: 

1. Spellings- week 6 (ambled, tottered, strolled, staggered, sauntered, sprinted, raced, darted, dashed, galloped). Test on Friday 23rd July.




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