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Welcome to the English and SPaG section of our home learning hub! Here you will find all the tasks, activities and helpful resources to help you. 


As suggested on the previous page, I am recommending that you are practising your cursive handwriting daily. Continue to go through the alphabet in your morning books. Please work through your daily SPaG sheets every day. Once you have finished your daily SPaG, place it back in your folder. 


For your writing activities, I have attached the following website I would like you to use daily. Visit www.pobble365.com and complete one of the challenges attached underneath the photo. Additionally, I will list several ideas for the children to complete in their own time. 


  • Keep a daily diary entry (include what you have done that day. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?)
  • Write a letter to Mr. Hart (write me a letter to let me know how you are feeling. Tell me what you have been doing.)
  • Write an adventure tale 


I will continue to add more ideas and resources every week. 

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