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Welcome to Griffin Class 2019-2020


 I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and I want to wish you all a Very Happy New Year.

It seems ridiculous saying we are in half term 3 already, I can’t believe how fast the first term went.  We have another busy half term ahead of us, a breakdown of the children’s learning can be found on the next page or the school website.


As we move into 2020, if any of you have any spare time and would like to come and read with the children we would welcome you with open arms. If this is of interest just to you just pop in and see me or send a message on Dojo.

Take 5 Breaths

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A video of the children taking 5.

Roman Shield making

The Poo Experiment

Thermal insulators experiment


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Young voices

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Space Dance

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Griffin have spent the last half term with our dance teacher Miss Lauren. I am sure you agree what they have come up with is amazing.



This terms topic is ……..

Our topic is called The Romans and has two foci, one being history and the other being science. Over the half term our learning objectives will be:

In History we will:

  • Know how Britain changed between the end of the Roman occupation and 1066
  • Know about how the Anglo-Saxons attempted to bring about law and order into the country 
  • Know that during the Anglo-Saxon period Britain was divided into many kingdoms
  • Know that the way the kingdoms were divided led to the creation of some of our county boundaries today
  • Use a time line to show when the Anglo-Saxons were in England
  • In Science we will :
  • Compare and group materials based on their properties (e.g. hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity, [electrical & thermal], and response to magnets
  • Know and explain how a material dissolves to form a solution
  • Know and show how to recover a substance from a solution
  • Know and demonstrate how some materials can be separated (e.g. through filtering, sieving and evaporating)
  • Know and demonstrate that some changes are reversible and some are not
  • Know how some changes result in the formation of a new material and that this is usually irreversible


Talk for writing – Is a quest story called The Fire Python.  


Maths – long multiplication and division solve problems involving multiplication and division, including using their knowledge of factors and multiples, squares and cubed numbers. Fractions, equivalent fractions, mixed numbers etc.


If you need to contact me and don't catch me at school then use the email address below:


General Reminders…

  • The children will be doing PE on Monday and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school and that all items are clearly labelled.
  • The children can bring their own water bottle to keep in class which they can access throughout the day and they will change their water regularly. Please make sure your child’s name is written clearly on their water bottle.


Spellings in Year 5 ….

Spellings will be handed out each Friday you will be given a set of words to learn for a test the following Friday.  This list is available on your webpage too. 

Times Tables – we will practice times tables every day but on Fridays there will be additional multiplication and division challenges and your times tables quick recall will be tested.



Reading in Year 5...

My passion is reading, reading opens a wealth of imagination and ideas for writing. If there is one thing you can do for your child its read with them, to them, let them see you reading, give them a shopping a list and ask them to find the products. Read newspapers, magazines, books, things on the internet, anything, just read.







  • 7th January Back to School
  • 8th January Young Voices
  • 23rd January Dodgeball Festival – selected children
  • 7th February Deepover
  • 14th February Last day of spring 1 term

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