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TT Rockstars

TT Rockstars is a fantastic resource that helps children learn their times tables at their own pace. 


The game is programmed to assess the children and give them the times tables they currently need to learn. As they get faster and more accurate, it will move them on to new ones. (If they are helped, all subsequent games will be too difficult and they will lose interest)


The initial assessment is done in GIG. When this pops up on the menu, please encourage your child to complete it at their own pace and without any help.


Garage - This will give the children the tables they need to learn at this current time.

Jamming - you get to choose which times tables to practice, you can also add divides to the mix.


More challenging games

Studio - This is a speed test and will give them a 'rock star status'

Soundcheck - 25 questions up to 12x12 with 6 seconds to answer each one.


Every time the children play a game they will achieve 'coins' which they can spend on upgrades to their avatar and accessories. 


We can see how much time each child has been spending on Rock Stars and can also monitor the progress they are making. We will be rewarding the children for different things each week. It might be time, accuracy, speed or general progress within the game. 


Please encourage your children to use the game regularly as it really is the most enjoyable way for them to learn their tables. 


Thank you for your support.

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