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Homework HT2

For this week (Friday 12th December) Mrs Blackman's mathematics groups have a multiplication challenge (see below for a copy) and also some Mathletics tasks.


Remember that you still have until Friday 19th December to complete and hand in any Darwin's Delights homework tasks to add to your point score.  We will celebrate your achievements with this challenge after the holidays.

This half term's homework will be structured as follows:

  • DARE - one piece a week, set on Wednesday during DARE session and due in before the following Wednesday
  • Maths - one piece related to maths content from the week, set on a Friday and due in by Thursday.
  • Reading - three times per week, noted in planners and signed by an adult.
  • Spelling - 10 words each week, set on Tuesday for test on following Tuesday.
  • Tables - children aware of multiplication table to learn for test each Friday.


In addition to the above regular homework, there will be a Darwin's Delights Homework Challenge.  Please see the relevant document for further details.

Darwin's Delights Homework Challenge

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