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Spring 1

Crime and Punishment

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and I want to wish you all a Very Happy New Year.


It seems ridiculous saying we are in half term 3 already, I can’t believe how fast the first term went.  We have another busy half term ahead of us, a breakdown of the children’s learning can be found on the next page or the school website.


As we move into 2021 with hope for a more prosperous year, I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks for your support in the Autumn term. The spring term sees us start off with the topic Crime and Punishment. Starting off in Roman times, through Anglo-Saxon and Vikings, then on to Medieval times, the Early Modern Period and finally present times. We will become judge, juror and executioner at times, handing out suitable punishments to fit the crimes. In art we will be looking at Leonardo De Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and creating our own 3d versions.


. Over the half term our learning objectives will be:

  • Know how Britain changed between the end of the Roman occupation and 1066
  • Know about how the AngloSaxons attempted to bring about law and order into the country 
  • Know that during the AngloSaxon period Britain was divided into many kingdoms
  • Know that the way the kingdoms were divided led to the creation of some of our county boundaries today

Use a time line to show when the Anglo-Saxons were in England


Science objectives are:


  • Compare and group materials based on their properties (e.g. hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity, [electrical & thermal], and response to magnets
  • Know and explain how a material dissolves to form a solution
  • Know and show how to recover a substance from a solution
  • Know and demonstrate how some materials can be separated (e.g. through filtering, sieving and evaporating)
  • Know and demonstrate that some changes are reversible and some are not

Know how some changes result in the formation of a new material and that this is usually irreversible


Talk for writing – Is a explanation text called Why Were The Three Little Pigs Houses Destroyed?


Maths – multiplication and division and fractions.

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