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Autumn 2



This terms topic is ……..

Our topic is called World War II and is a History based topic. Over the half term we will be learning:

  • How did Hitler come to power and become the leader of Germany?
  • How was Europe ruled before the start of WW2?
  • How did Hitler expand Germany?
  • How did the Second World War begin?
  • How did the Second World War impact specific localities?
  • Why was the Royal Air Force (RAF) so important to the defence of Britain?
  • What major victories led to Britain winning the war?
  • As well as, evacuees, the role of women, Windrush, The Holocaust,


Talk for writing – Is a portal story called The Time Slip Mask


Maths – Multiplication and Division with a focus on multiples, factors, prime numbers. Second half of half term will be Fractions.

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