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Tuesday - 7.30am

I am delighted to tell you that school is open as normal today.  Please take extra care on Alexander Drive and Amherst Rise - they are both still a little slippy.  Please also take extra care on the paths in and around school.

Thank you.

Monday - 5.00pm

Looking at the current weather and the forecast, it is our intention to open as normal tomorrow. 

My thanks go to the few staff who were able to come in this morning to help us to move a lot of snow.  With staff living far and wide, it would not have been safe to open the school today and attempt to run on a skeleton staff. 

Please take extra care on the roads and paths both in and around school in the morning. 

If anything changes and the forecasters have got it wrong again, you will hear from us in the usual ways.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding about the closure today.  It is very much appreciated.

Gareth Letton

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