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The Great Soap Change Challenge

What a super end to Mad Science week.  It was fantastic to see nearly everyone in school dressed as a Mad Scientist, brilliant costumes and amazing hairstyles....and who was that in the mask?

The Soap Change Challenge entries proved just how creative the children at Gateford Park can be!  A selection of the entries can be seen by clicking the photographs below.


FS2 - 1st place - Zack S.
         2nd place - Noah M.

Y1 - 1st place - Martyna B.
       2nd place - Luke S.

Y2 - 1st place - Oshanda M.
       2nd place - Ben W.

Y3 - 1st place - Emily F.
       2nd place - Charlie W.

Y4 - 1st place - Rebecca L.
       2nd place - Stacie-Rae B.

Y5/6 - 1st place - Teagon C.
          2nd place - Millie D.

Y5/6 - 1st place - Alicia F.
          2nd place - Jess E.

And our champion is Olivia W.

Well done to all who entered and to all who dressed up to celebrate the end of a fanastic week!

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