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SATs Success!

Last week, we received the end of Key Stage 2 SATs results.  We are absolutely delighted to let you know that 2013 has given us our best results ever!  Level 4 is the national expectation for children aged 11.

94.4% of the children (34 out of 36) achieved a Level 4 in reading, with 44.4% achieving Level 5 or better.  This is an increase of 19% on 2012.

86.1% of children (31 out of 36) achieved a Level 4 in the brand new Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GAPS) test, with 52.6% achieving Level 5.  We don’t have anything to compare this yet, but our chats with other schools suggest that this is very good indeed!

91.4% of children (33 out of 36) achieved a Level 4 in mathematics.  This is an increase of 14% on 2012.  41.6% of the children achieved a Level 5 or higher.

We will continue to make it our aim for every child to achieve the very best that is possible for them.  We would like to thank the children for working so hard, the staff for their dedication and all parents and carers for their constant support.  It is very reassuring to know that we have done our best and the children are as ready as possible to do well at secondary school. 

Here’s to 2014!

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