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Keep Smiling!

This week, we have introduced a new system called ‘Keep Smiling’ and we are re-introducing Golden Time into the timetable.
Each week, the children will have ten smiley faces on a sheet. We hope that children will be able to keep all of their smiley faces in tact by the end of the week and enjoy the full 45 minutes of Golden Time on a Friday afternoon.
However, children will lose smiley faces if they do not behave as well as everyone would like. Each smiley face is worth five minutes of Golden Time. So, if a child loses four smiley faces in a week, they will miss twenty minutes of their Golden Time on Friday and will spend that time reflecting on how they will make next week a better one with me. A text will be sent home to children who must miss Golden Time.
The children told us in a recent questionnaire that they sometimes feel that children who are doing the right thing all of the time sometimes get forgotten. Children who keep all of their smiley faces will receive a special sticker for a chart. Eight stickers will lead to a Bronze Award, sixteen will gain a Silver Award and twenty-four will gain a Gold Award. We have bought very fancy certificates and we are sure that the children will love to receive these very special awards from Mr. Letton.
Every week will be a fresh start and there are lots of opportunities for the children to show just how brilliant they are. Staff have explained the system to the children and they think that it is a good idea.
We hope that ‘Keep Smiling’ will be a big success here at Gateford, and thank you for your continued support for the school.

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