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Next week, beginning 1 October 2012, the school will be having solar panels fitted by British Gas.  We have been able to arrange this at no cost to us and all of the electicity that we produce will be a saving on our enormous electricity bill.

The work will take approximately one week and there is going to be a little disruption to our normal dropping off and collecting arrangements at the beginning and end of the school day.

From Monday:

Mrs. Hibbert, Miss Robinson and Mrs. Blythe's classes should all come into school through Mrs. Hibbert's cloakroom.  The children will be dismissed through that door too.  To avoid congestion, please allow the children to hang up their own coats and come into their classrooms by themselves and leave buggies outside. 

Mrs. Norton and Mrs. Blackman's classes will come into school through the main entrance next to the office and go to their classrooms through the hall.  They will leave school this way too.

Miss Read and Miss Reynolds' classes will use their own classroom doors, but must use the brown gate entrance next to Miss Read's classroom.

Please may we ask that scooters and bikes stay at home this week.

Apologies in advance of any inconvenience that this may cause in the short term, but we will be able to put the savings made on the electricity bill to great use in buying the best resources for Gateford Park children that money can buy.

Thank you.

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