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A Child's War




Welcome back! We hope you've had a fantastic break and are looking forward to our next topic, 'A Child's War'. During this topic we will be reflecting on and remembering both WW1 and WW2. Our topic will be spent taking part in activities to study the causes of these wars, the daily impact they had on those fighting as well as the women and children back home, the significance of the wars and the geography of the countries which took part. There will be lots of opportunity for creativity this half-term as we will be cooking eggless cakes, learning the wartime dances and singing some traditional wartime songs. In Maths this half-term we will be building on our work around fractions and exploring percentages and decimals. Our English work will link to our topic, looking at using flashbacks within our writing and composing formal and informal letters.


PE during this topic will be on Wednesdays (tennis with Miss Lembo) and Thursdays (dance with Miss Lembo). Please ensure the correct PE kit is in school on these days. Pupils who do not have the correct PE kit in school on these days will be unable to take part in these sessions. 


Each Friday, all pupils will receive homework which will link to the week's learning. Returned homework should be dropped into the 'Homework' drawer in the classroom by the Wednesday of the following week.



Key dates

  • Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th November= Parents evenings 3:30-6pm
  • 19th and 21st November= Sex Education for Y6 (more details to follow)
  • Monday 26th November= Jingle Jog at Sherwood Pines
  • Thursday 29th November= Holocaust centre visit
  • Wednesday 5th December= Christmas crafts for Winter Warmer
  • Monday 10th December= Panto in school for pupils in the afternoon
  • Wednesday 12th December= Christmas dinner and jumper day
  • Friday 14th December= KS2 Christmas Carols
  • Thursday 20th December= Christingle in school for pupils
  • Thursday 20th December= Last day of HT2
Useful websites

HT2 Newsletter- November 2018


Friday 7th December

- Set B, Test 1 from your SATs buster books.

- This week's spellings for the test on 14th December: minibus, miniskirt, miniscule, minibeast, minicab, minimum, microscope, microchip, microphone, microwave. 


Friday 30th November

- Set A, Test 6 from your SATs buster books.

- This week's spellings for the test on 7th December: suggest, digest, congestion, gesture, gestation, lightning, daylight, enlighten, twilight, limelight.


Friday 23rd November

- Set A, Test 5 from your SATs buster books.

- This week's spellings for the test on 30th November: temperature, temper. temperament, tempered, variety, vary, variation, varied, variable, variance. 


Friday 16th November

- Set A, Test 4 from your SATs buster books.

-This week's spellings for the test on 23rd November: adorably, valuably, believably, considerably, tolerably, changeably, noticeably, dependably, comfortably, reasonably. 


Friday 9th November

- Test C from Set 1 from your SATs buster books.

-This week's spellings for the test on 16th November: adorable, valuable, advisable, believable, desirable, excitable, knowledgeable, changeable, likeable, noticeable. 


Friday 26th October- Half term HWK

Over the break, we would like you to start and finish the fiction reading the book you have chosen from the outdoor library. Don't forget to log your reads in your planner. There will be a prize and a bonus 7 dojos for those who manage the challenge. 


It would also be beneficial to keep practising your times tables so try to use Hit the Button  3 times over the week. 


This week's spellings are: applicable, tolerable, operable, considerable, dependable, comfortable, reasonable, perishable, breakable and  fashionable. 


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