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Welcome to Elf Class!


This half term our topic is Pets! We will be learning about different pets, animals that help people, going on our first visit and reading lots of lovely pet stories! There will be lots of exciting learning happening! Please see our overview for more details.


We go outside in all weathers so please ensure children bring a warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves now the weather is  colder. We ask all children to leave a spare pair of wellies at school so we can enjoy the wet weather. Our wonderful PTFA have bought us some all in one waterproof suits so we will be using these during our outdoor time. Thank you Gateford Oaks!


We are encouraging the children to be independent and put on their own coats, . Our PE days are Monday afternoon and Thursday morning. The children do not need a PE kit but will take their shoes and socks off for this session.  This is something they can practise at home.


The library bus comes to school once a month, If your child is a member of the library they can bring their library card and choose a new book when the library bus comes. If you are not a member please ask us for a form and we can help you get signed up.


Diary Dates:


Start of term: Monday 7th January

New starters Stay and Play: Tuesday 8th January 1.30-3.00pm

January starters: Wednesday 9th January

Guide Dog visit: Wednesday 16th January

Pets At Home visit: Wednesday 23rd January



If you have any questions or issues please come and see us, our door is always open smiley

Trip to 'Pets At Home'

Trip to 'Pets At Home' 1
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 2
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 3
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 4
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 5
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 6
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 7
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 8
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 9
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 10
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 11
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 12
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 13
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 14
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 15
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 16
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 17
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 18
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 19
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 20
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 21
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 22
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 23
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 24
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 25
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 26
Trip to 'Pets At Home' 27

Guide Dog Visit

Guide Dog Visit 1
Guide Dog Visit 2
Guide Dog Visit 3
Guide Dog Visit 4
Guide Dog Visit 5
Guide Dog Visit 6
Guide Dog Visit 7
Guide Dog Visit 8
Guide Dog Visit 9
Guide Dog Visit 10
Guide Dog Visit 11
Guide Dog Visit 12

Topic Overview Spring 1 - Pets

Christmas Party 2018

Christmas Party 2018  1
Christmas Party 2018  2
Christmas Party 2018  3
Christmas Party 2018  4
Christmas Party 2018  5
Christmas Party 2018  6
Christmas Party 2018  7
Christmas Party 2018  8
Christmas Party 2018  9
Christmas Party 2018  10
Christmas Party 2018  11
Christmas Party 2018  12
Christmas Party 2018  13
Christmas Party 2018  14
Christmas Party 2018  15
Christmas Party 2018  16
Christmas Party 2018  17
Christmas Party 2018  18
Christmas Party 2018  19
Christmas Party 2018  20
Christmas Party 2018  21
Christmas Party 2018  22

Transition Questionnaire Analysis October 2018

Harvest Stay and Play

Harvest Stay and Play 1
Harvest Stay and Play 2
Harvest Stay and Play 3
Harvest Stay and Play 4
Harvest Stay and Play 5
Harvest Stay and Play 6
Harvest Stay and Play 7
Harvest Stay and Play 8
Harvest Stay and Play 9
Harvest Stay and Play 10
Harvest Stay and Play 11
Harvest Stay and Play 12
Harvest Stay and Play 13
Harvest Stay and Play 14
Harvest Stay and Play 15

Spanish Week

Spanish Week 1
Spanish Week 2
Spanish Week 3
Spanish Week 4

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