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Welcome to Griffin Class

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Welcome back and welcome to Griffin Class.  I hope you are as excited about our first half term as I am.  Our topic is -


Splish! Splash! Splosh!


We will be learning about all things watery.  We will find out about states of water and the water cycle.  There will be mapping activities to learn about the rivers and oceans of the world.  We will investigate the wildlife which inhabits our oceans.  Water safety and how dangerous water can be will also feature in our work.  If you have any books or items you think the class would be interested in linked to our topic then please bring them along to class.

Picture 1 Splish!
Picture 2 Splash!
Picture 3 Splosh!

Shorts and Shades

What a brilliant first day back.  We have had fantastic fun making boats, flags, playing beach games, creating sand art, making mosaic fish eating doughnuts and we even had our photos taken on the beach.  Can you spot yourself?


We tried to make containers which would hold a litre of rice.  Have a look to see how we did.

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