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Chris Mann - Local Authority Governor (Vice Chair)

I’m Chris Mann and, officially, the Local Authority representative, for Nottinghamshire County Council, on the Governing Board. I’m also Vice-Chair, working alongside, Geoff Young, who I have great admiration for. We are also blessed to have a very dedicated and hard working Headteacher, in Paula Doyle.

I’ve been a Governor at Gateford Park Primary, since September 2017, having moved to the Lindrick Common area, from Sheffield, where I was also a Governor and Vice-Chair, at a small rural primary school.


I’m an accountant and tax consultant, in private practice and I used to produce and present a weekly money feature for BBC Radio Sheffield and, latterly, for BBC Radio Humberside. I like to think that I have an excellent sense of humour and I love being around people of all ages. I take great comfort if I can make someone who’s a little down, smile.


I have a daughter, a son and three grandchildren. I am passionate about the upbringing of young people and firmly believe that each child is entitled to the best possible education available. They are also entitled to be brought up in a safe and loving environment, free of any cares or encumbrances. Childhood lasts only a short time and children should have as much innocence as possible.


During my period of being a Governor I have been overwhelmed, on many occasions, where I’ve been privileged to have seen a young child entering primary school and, ultimately, leaving for the next stage of their education. The primary school sector, in my view, achieves the greatest level of improvement in a child and tremendous responsibility rests with those schools. To have a conversation with a Y6 pupil, on an adult footing, is something I will always cherish.


Although I’ve only been at Gateford Park Primary for a relatively short period of time, I see the passion and dedication to the quality of education from the Headteacher, across the whole of the teaching team, right through the whole school. It is indeed an honour to be a small part of that team.


Gateford Park Primary is not only a good school, it has an exceptional outlook.

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