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20th-24th April

Welcome to Alfie, Cole and Elliot. I have included some literacy- you should find this fairly easy, but be careful (The answers are on the last page if you wish to mark your work)

The maths work this term is scales and measures (weight and length) Please complete the sheets carefully... check the scales! If you have access to a tape/ ruler scales, you could measure things around your house and garden... you could create measures problems if you fancy a challenge. 

Please find the work for Wednesday, if the children have completed their work from yesterday. There is a powerpoint on model verbs- if the children follow this and write the sentences/underline the key words etc - the powerpoint will allow the children to see if their answers are correct.

Please also continue with the basics: tables/handwriting/reading - try do do .10 minutes of each everyday 

24 th April

The maths involves converting kg and kg and grams into grams etc.

You could supplement this work by looking at and reading measures on foodstuffs and feel free to move onto liquid measures as we will be looking at this next week.

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