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Neil Hopkinson - Local Authority Governor

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Hi all!
I joined the Governing body a few years ago when Mrs Shore, Smith as she was, started at Gateford School. I was a Parent Governor to start with because two of my sons attended the school. I joined the Governors to get a feel for how education was working for children at primary level and believing I had something to offer as a parent and a practioner in the education system, something I would advise any parent to be part of if given the opportunity. I am a great believer that the desicions made on the board of Governors are first and foremost for the benefit of the community of the school and that means children first every time.  I am pleased to say I have enjoyed working with both the staff and Governors at the school who share the same objectives.

I believe we have a wonderful, balanced and ethusiastic team at Gateford Park and with the recent appointment of Mrs Blythe I am certain that the school will progress further from the good work already that has taken place previously. I am already inspired in the way you as parents have responded to community participation events that have taken place and wish to thank you for your co-operation and time. 

When I visit the school there is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than seeying the children with the biggest smile and enjoying themselves. It is scenes like these that assure me that things are good and seeing parents with the same smile as recently, tells me that we must be getting things right.

A little bit about myself leads me to say “I'm a local lad” lived in Worksop most of my life and attended the local schools, yes and those who know me probably would say “he was a bit of a lad when he was younger”, I say , it was my character building time of life, thats my excuse and I am sticking to it.

I am passionate about sport especially rugby and motor sport, and I have played rugby for Worksop for over 30 years, as the face reflects some of the battles.

In my day job I am Head of Motor Vehicle in a FE College, where I deal with some wonderful people who are dedicated in educating and supporting mainly young teenage adults who are some of the most capable and aspiring people who deserve a better chance. Something I have been part of for over thirty years and very proud of.

 But most of all it will be wonderful to meet you all at future events. Don’t hesitate to stop and have a word, or even better get involved yourself.

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